Holiday Weekend

Overcast. Moderate West wind.

Tour boats:7
Dive boats: 1

The swallows are still here, cruising around the island like mini jet planes. A Cackling goose showed up this morning, and the snow goose is still foraging on Great Race. There are now 7 Elephant seals on Great Race. 6 are next to the path on the way to the energy building, and one with scabby-molt is on the path in front of the West door to the Keeper’s house. The Canada geese are still starting nests. A sure fire way to locate a Canada goose nest is to wander around the island and when a Goose comes flying at you and attacks you, it’s pretty likely that you are right next to their nest.

The generator is still down. Fingers crossed for the new voltage controller and electrician this week. The PV panels and battery bank are still doing their job. They are definitely operate at the low end of the acceptable range on cloudy days, but it is enough to keep everything running. Aside from my accommodation, the other continuos draws on our energy system are the Environment Canada weather station at the top of the tower, the School Network weather station at the base of the flag pole, and the 3 cameras.

The first orthophoto is digitized for the GIS and I finally got the projection issues sorted out so Race Rocks officially has mapping capabilities.