The Race Rocks Lighthouse

( Inside and Out)

lighthouse plaque lighthouse plaque  stairs from underneath
Plaque at the base of the tower Historic plaque from the “Royal Canadian Navy..1960”
The underside of the stairs show how each stair and round end forms a continuous part of the central column
lighthouse stairs
painting Race Rocks
painting Race Rocks
Tower “moonrise” photo.  G.Fletcher 2007 Steps from above Spring 1996: The Race Rocks Lighthouse receives a new coat of paint, and for a few days, a white lighthouse presents a strange new image in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The black stripes are painted over the white base.
The white granite rock which makes up part of the lower two-thirds of the tower. See this file for the question about it’s origin Conduits running up inside the tower to supply electricity and internet to the top. Environment Canada wind recording instrumentation in the small room underneath the lantern room. The steps leading to the Lantern room
sandstone blocks not used inside tower
A stair made of sandstone which must have broken so was never used. Cut sandstone blocks abandoned in the intertidal area by the docks. One story is that the sandstone for the top third of the tower came from Gabriola Island. The sandstone blocks left here were never used in the tower construction. See this file with further pictures of on the deterioration of the tower inside prior to 2009, and the Heritage Protection Bill.
tower_scaffold_down Race Rocks Lighthouse--Adam Harding photo
Link to this file which profiles the repair process on the tower which began in February, 2009 This File has a number of recent Images of the Race Rocks Imperial Lighthouse