Heritage Protection for Race Rocks

As of September 2013, the future of the Race Rocks  Light tower has still not been determined. The links from this page give an historical perspective to the issue, starting below with the most recent developments.  The Passage of the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act of 2008 gave us all hope that the future of this and other iconic lighthouses of Canada would be guaranteed. The followup however has not been that simple.

September 21, 2013– Letter from DFO rejecting the proposal

September 10, 2013–Preliminary contact with DFO and Parks Canada by phone has indicated that the Proposal was rejected by DFO.

June 2013- A submission to DFO and Environment Canada re:  a Business Plan as required by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, (DFO.)

Dec 24, 2010 –Lighthouse Team Disputes Right to Sell–(Times Colonist)

June 11, 2010– Race Rocks Lighthouse for sale ( Gazettte)

June 11, 2010–  Reaction to DFO Announcement on Selling off its Lighthouses

June 4, 2013– Groups submit plans to save 128 ‘surplus’ lighthouses, Globe and Mail June 04, 2013

May, 2013 Designated Heritage Lighthouses: Parks Canada

May 30,2013 —Ottawa should be more pro-active in efforts to save Canada’s lighthouses_ Globe and Mail Editorial,

May 27 , 2010-DFO Announces it will be selling off Surplus Lighthouses

February 25, 2009Restoration Begins on Race Rocks Lighthouse.. Pictures of the process

February 9, 2009– Barry MacDonald visits Race Rocks

Oct 8 2008– Repair plans announced for Race Rocks Tower: DFO has informed us that they intend to refurbish the tower over the next 6 months: The DFO/CCG project engineer responsible for the Race Rocks Beacon, John Lauder, P.Eng. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada in Vancouver has tended contracts based on the recommendations prepared by Mark Byram, their consultant with GOAL Engineering of Vancouver. This will involve stripping of existing paint, re-pointing/repairs to masonry, application of new weatherproof coatings and repairs to lantern house glazing.

May 15, 2008News Column: By Jack Knox, “Pat Carney finally wins her lighthouse fight,” Times Colonist,

May 7, 2008- News Release: After nearly 10 years- Heritage Lighthouse Bill Passes

May 7, 2008–Bill S-215 given final Assent in the Senate. (Heritage Lighthouse Protection)

May 1, 2008Passage of Bill S-215 , the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act

March 11, 2008–House of Commons Debate : Heritage Protection for lighthouses Bill S-215

February 9, 2007 Pat Carney and Barry MacDonald visit Victoria,

February 6, 2007--A beacon of Hope for Race Rocks.The Times Colonist ran an article on the problems of the deterioration of the heritage light tower at Race Rocks.Jack Knox and Deborah Brash pay a visit to the tower at the end of January 2007. The following article appears in the Times Colonist.

February, 2007
The deteriorating conditions of the Race Rocks Light Tower: 

2000- 2008Background on the Heritage Protection Bill

2000– Parks  Canada:  Recognized Federal Heritage Building , Race Rocks, BC

1994–Heritage Character Statement for Race Rocks Lighttower, FHBRO

1991- Race Rocks entry on Canada’s Historic Places website,

1950- Victoria Times Magazine article describing the role of Race Rocks

1859-1909— Archives from the British Daily Colonist on Race Rocks