Heteropora pacifica: Staghorn Bryozoan–The Race Rocks Taxonomy


The arms of brittle stars are tangled among the horns of this Heteropora cluster–photo by Ryan Murphy

Heteropora pacifica , the yellow staghorn bryozoa are shown in these pictures .surrounded by the typical associated invertebrates. This bryozoan occurs frequently in small clumps sub-tidally at Race Rocks.


Heteropora pacifica. beside the hydrocoral Allopora sp. and brooding anemone – Photo by Andrew McCurdy.

Domain Eukarya
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Bryozoa
Class Stenolaemata
Order Cyclostomatida
Suborder Ceriopoina
Family Heteroporidae
Genus Heteropora
Species pacifica (Borg, 1933)
Common Name: Staghorn byozoan
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