here’s an idea: don’t give a tour in thick fog.

Friday, August 09, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 20.0 C Min. 10.5 C  Reset 16.2 C
MARINE LIFE: The Canadian Geese returned again today, still without the one adult. I first heard the one adult honking and then looked up to see the 6 geese near Mike and Carol’s home. Orcas may very well have gone by the reserve today, but with the fog followed by glare on the waves throughout the day, I could only see a lot of boat traffic.
HUMAN INTERACTION: 34 tour boats through the reserve today, many boats toured the reserve early today in the thick fog. With visibility severely limited, many pushed too close to the islands under current regulations. As well, with so many boats and so little visibility, some tight maneuvering on the part of some parties to get out of the way of others was needed… here’s an idea: don’t give a tour in thick fog. At a quarter to 4 one tour zodiac decided to disregard the no-wake regulation and sped past Great Race, an unfortunate incident not repeated by other tour boats today.
posted by Ryan Murphy at 7:19 PM
Good Morning
WEATHER: Partly Obscured Vis. 10 Miles – South East To West 1/2 Mile Fog  Wind West 23 Knots  Sea 3 Foot Moderate
posted by Carol or Mike S at 5:29 AM