Hedophyllum sessile: sea cabbage–The Race Rocks Taxonomy


Hedophyllum sessile : All Photos by Ryan Murphy

Description: This plant is an ovate blade with a short stipe when young, but the stipitate region soon disappears and subsequently the profusely branched root-like holdfast arises from the base of the blade.  The blade becomes markedly furled and often deeply dissected (especially in surf-swept regions).  The plant is 30-150 cm. long and up to 80 cm. wide.  The surface of the blade is densely bullate, except near the base, where it is smooth (in surf-swept regions it may be completely smooth)

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Protochtista
Division: Phaeophyta
Class: Phaeophyacea
Order: Laminariales
Family: Laminariaceae
Genus: Hedophyllum
Species: sessile
Common Name: stipless kelp, sea cabbage
Habitat:  On rocks in the middle and lower intertidal and upper subtidal zones.
Hedophyllum is a brown algae. It has no stipe (that is the origin of its common name- stipe-less kelp). Its holdfast is usually very developed and the blades vary between bright and dark brown according to site of habitation.

It lives and grows in mid and lower intertidal zones of Race Rocks. Found in both wave exposed and sheltered sites. in the wave exposed areas, the blades are generally smooth and shreaded to thiner blades, while in the protected areas, the blades have wavy surface and they are generally longer. The length of the blades vary between 20 cm and 40 cm.
Pacific Coast Distribution:  Alaska to California.Robert Scagel, 1972

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