Harbour seal antics

Monday, November 26, 2001
Good evening
TEMPERATURE: Max 8.1ºC — 5.0ºC — Reset 7.1ºC — Rain 1.2 mm — total so far this month 122.1 mm rain
MARINE LIFE: A great day -a bonus really when you consider it is now the last week of November. The Sea Lions did what they do best on calm days-catch up on their sleep.Most of the Northern S.L’s hauled out on Middle Rock while the Californias preferred to raft about in the kelp beds East and South of Gr. Race. The 5 Harlequins were back in the east bay and spent the afternoon by the boat dock.2 Mature Bald Eagles arrived about 9:30,one took up position on the high point on West Race and the other maintained look-out on the log on North Rocks.They stayed about 45 minutes then flew off towards Whirl Bay. 4 Harbour Seals enjoyed what I can only describe as the quintessential log rolling competition in the kelp,east side of Gr.Race. 3 seals on the log,3 seals off the log! It was the 4th seal wanting on that log that kept me watching for 35 minutes and yes, that 4th seal finally succeeded,unfortunately success was short lived. The log was caught up in the tide between the South East Rks. and Gr. Race and just twirled too much for the seals to stay on it.
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Good morning
WEATHER: Sky clouydy — Vis. 15 miles — Wind calm — Sea rippled
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