group of Orca approaching from west

Good evening
Temperature: Max. 9.1 ºC »» Min. 7.1 ºC »» Reset 8.7 ºC »» Rain 3.4 mm
Today only three whalewatchers passed by, the weather starts
becoming worse. During our salinity check waves were high
enough to wash over the docks.Just after 13:00 spotted a group of Orca approaching from the west, there were 2 Ecotour boats in the area at the time and they identified these Orca as the L pod with 1 calf. The group was very spread out and travelled in a northeasterly direction along the southern boundary of Gr. Race and although the weather conditions were not the best did see a few breaching.The Orca were probably feeding as they spent about an hour in the area.
posted by Race Rocks Relief at 7:49 PM
Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Overcast»» Vis. 10 Miles »» Wind East 4 Knots »» Sea Rippled / Choppy
We’re expecting a storm at some time in the next day or two.
posted by Race Rocks Relief at 8:40 AM