Great Tide at Great Race.

Fog in the morning, fog in the evening, sunshine in the afternoon: this is the weather pattern right now. Strong westerly winds from 20 to 33 knots blow all day and all night. It is really all about equilibrium with that huge mass of cold Pacific water and cool air temperatures rushing in to cool a rapidly warming ‘interior’. Yesterday afternoon there was a ten-degree air temperature difference between here (in fog and wind) and the Victoria airport (in brilliant sunshine). Off in the far distance to the east, thunderheads are visibly forming as that warm air rises and takes moisture with it.

Today, as yesterday, the barometer climbed until about noon and then fell by about the same amount, ending up at ~ 1014 hPa., in the late afternoon. The forecast is for continued strong wind warnings and patches of fog.

There were no vessels observed in the Ecological Reserve today.

Excellent daytime low tides continue and a few more species of algae have been added to my list. Pleurophycus gardneri, the broad-ribbed kelp was growing at 0.2m as was Saccharina groenlandica, the split kelp, which used to be known as a Laminaria. A couple of reds included Endocladia muricata, an important species used as settling substrate for California Mussels and a branching coralline species in a tidal pool, possibly Corallina vancouverensis (jury still out on that id).

Lam groenPleurophycus

corallinaclimbing pup

On the elephant seal front, the small, tagged male 9807, decided to climb up a very steep hill and he had quite a time getting back down. Rock climbing is just not an strong point for elephant seals. It probably seemed like a good idea to go up in order to get away from the boisterous larger males but coming down a different and much more difficult route, he looked a little worried and wane, with his big eyes and his baggy skin.

Ten students, two teachers and a small child came out for an advisee group retreat overnight and they are well ensconced in the science house.

Chores and maintenance were routine today.