Light to no wind. Clear skies. Force 0.
Barometer is steadily rising. Forecast is for a ridge approaching overnight, strong West winds tomorrow.

5 tour boats
2 recreational fishing boats passed through the reserve.
2 recreational boats fishing for halibut just outside the reserve boundary
1 recreational boat jigging just outside the boundary

When I went outside last night around 2200 to take my water sample there were no Gulls. Normally, I turn on the outside light to clear out the Gulls right next to the house because it’s really unnerving to have them flying around your head with just a little headlamp for light. And as I walk down the paths the Geese and Gulls make a tonne of noise and fly out of the radius of light made by my headlamp. But last night it was completely quiet, not a Gull on the island, which is really eerie when you’re used to a constant bird orchestra. And then this morning, they were all back in their usual spots. There were 6 Bald Eagles in the reserve this morning, so maybe that’s why the Gulls left for the night. I saw a Gull take a few stabs at one of the Canada goose goslings while the adult Geese weren’t looking, but it was chased off by the male Goose. It was a hot day for the Elephant seals, and they either went down to the water, sat in some nasty puddles, hid in the shade of the buildings, or tried a combination of those strategies throughout the day.

-Cleaned air intakes on the Xantrex inverters in an attempt to cool down Inverter 1
-Took down the broken VHF antenna by climbing up into the Science House attic
-Changed desalinator HP pump oil
-Found a new Goose nest on the South side of the island
-Ran the crane for the monthly check