George Nicholas Davies Rosina (Warner) Davies (later Harman) Lightkeepers at Race Rocks

In preparation for the 150th anniversary of the Race Rocks Lightstation
(December 2010) I have come up with a variety of references, about George Nicholas Davies and his wife Rosina. I am entering them here and would urge anyone with further information or photos to get in touch and I would be glad to add them to this historical record.
Garry Fletcher

For some time now, we have had the following entries on our Race Rocks History page about the Davies family: Soon after the light went into service in 1860 it became obvious that the tower was difficult to see by day when approaching from the west. Distinctive black and white stripes were painted on the tower by the first lightkeeper George Davies to improve it’s visibility against the shoreline. These markings remain today maintaining Race Rock’s unique appearance. Although the light was a great improvement on clear nights when it was visible for 18 miles the hazards of Race Rocks were still very real in fog.

james Davies

James Davies was 4 years old when the family immigrated to Canada, to live at Race Rocks lighthouse.

Grant Meyer and son and his uncle and aunt.

Grant Meyer and son and his uncle and aunt.

Family members from the Davies family visited Race Rocks with Pearson College
on August 24, 2015 and left us with copies of many of these pictures and documents:


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The first keeper’s time at the Race was a very unfortunate one. George Davies and his wife Rosina eagerly awaited the visit of her brother, sister-in-law and three friends on Christmas Day 1865. As the skiff approached with the Davies family watching and waving from the station, a tide rip only 20 feet from the jetty swept the small boat away, capsizing it and dumping the shocked passengers and their Christmas gifts into the water. The station had no boat at this time and each of the unfortunate visitors perished. The new year was no better for the Davies family. During the winter of 1866 George became seriously ill. The Union Jack flew at half mast at the station as a signal of distress for nine days but to no avail. George Davies died at Race Rocks shortly before Christmas 1866.

George Nicholson Davies First Keeper on Canada’s West Coast,

An excellent account of the Davies history by Jeremy D’Entremont . refers to Joy Davies research.
Seaside Memories Tribute to Race Rocks
George Nicholas Davies/light keeper Race Rocks and Fisgard

” Seaside Memories is a tribute to my Great-Great Grandfather George Nicholas Davies. He holds the honour and distinction of being the first full-time lightkeeper at Race Rocks just outside Victoria Harbour. His memory is with me as I watch from our window the waves washing the shore. The light in our guest suites will welcome travellers both Near and Far.

by his Great Great Granddaughter, Wendy Breaks.
I am conducting a research project and I’m looking for any images of George Davies – British Columbia’s first lightkeeper. I have checked with the BC Archives and came up with nothing. Does anyone know if there are any photographs or portraits in existence?
Mark Evans – Vancouver, B.C. Canada 1999-10-27
George Nicholas Davies/light keeper Race Rocks and Fisgard

Anyone out there have connections to George Nicholas Davies the Lighthouse keeper at Race Rocks and Fisgard lighthouses in British Columbia Canada, or to his son George Nicholas Davies who was a coal miner, Fire Chief and Brewer at Naniamo,B.C. Canada in 1800-early 1900,s ,he died in 1934 and his wife Louisa Jenner died in 1950.? The Davies were supposedly from Wales, some from England, arrived in Canada in 1860.They came with three children-George (just mentioned), James and Rosemary.Their ship sustained damage rounding Cape Horn in rough seas and had to change ships at Hawaii then made their way to Canada to fulfill their lightkeeper contract.More info to share soon.

by Ken Davies, 23 Jul 2000
Anyone connected to this Welsh fellow who immigrated to Victoria,B.C.Canada from England Aug 1860? Wife Rosina Warner. Children:David,James,George and Mary Elisabeth.

The head of this tribe immigrated here in Aug of 1860 and he was George Nicholas Davies (apparently from Wales),married to Rosina Warner, after his death in about 1866, she later married a Peter Harman. When George and Rosina immigrated from England,they brought their four children over as well, three with them and a child that was ill came later with someone else. Some of the Warner family were here too and there is a very sad story about this family in websites and books for Fisgard and Race Rocks lighthouses on B.C. West Coast, George and Rosina were the 1st lightkeepers over here. One of the books, Keepers of the Light, by Donald Graham, is excellent. Anyway, one of their sons was born in London,LongAcre County, Middlesex,England, possibly more born there.

by Joy Davies 12 Feb 2003
I am a descendant of George Nicolas Davies through my maternal grandmother’s side. Her father was William Rafter, his mother was Laura Helen Davies, and her father was George N Davies. I am wondering about the information you provided regarding his father George (the lightkeeper) and his wife Rosina? May I ask where I can get a hold of this information? For some reason I had George sr.’s wife penciled in as Elisabeth – I am looking over “George Davis” and “Louisa Jenner”s marriage cert and that is what it says under George’s parents. I would love to clear this up or update my info. Hope to hear from you. Warm Regards,
by: Joseph Isaac 22 May 2009

George Nicholas Davies was the son to the lighthouse keeper George and wife Rosina immigrated to Canada with three sons. Two came with parents, because of health problems the other joined them later. For more information. You can e-mail me jdixie (use the at sign here)

by Kathleen Dixon Mar 2004

George Nicholas Davies/light keeper Race Rocks and Fisgard
1.There is a book out that will give some information about the Davies connection to the lighthouses Victoria BC. ” Keepers of the Light” By Donald Graham.
2. George and Louisa from Naniamo are my great-grandparents. One of the sons of the first George N (lighthouse keeper)

by Kathleen Dixon 11 Oct 2009