Foggy day

Friday 26th

Around 11pm between Thursday and Friday the foghorn began its song. Thanks to my wax plugs set .It did the job! For Guy no problem he was already asleep and never wake up…so. Anyway in the morning a fog curtain was lingering over the States coast but was getting closer every minute after sunset. At 5h30 the foghorn went on again. We were in a cottony atmosphere and it was like that in and out for the rest of the day.

In the morning it was so nice to watch from the window the geese family waking up one bird after the other.

Later we had to put the desalinator on and the filter was changed (every 15 days) the generator those days are working with the sun power: Nice!

Boats around: In the morning a zodiac came with 5 to 8 people…apparently nobody had a life jacket! Because of the foggy day we had a lot less whale watchers than usual. Actually a pretty foggy day and not a hot day on Race Rocks! The horn? We are getting used to

This morning we saw the first 2 seagull chicks; easy enough from our window close to the stairs. As usual pictures time  today is anytime: can you imagine chicks fed on small and long fish like smelts. Those birds are common but so interesting to observe. Right now males bring back straw to their nest again: maybe to make them stronger and bigger to welcome the babies…

As chores: I did an inventory in the pharmacy box and kitchen to get rid of out of date products.