Fog all day. Light winds. Calm seas.
Tour boats: 8

The sea lions have taken up on the flats on the North-East in front of the keepers house again. Proportionately more Stellars than Californias.
No boat count for a second day in a row due to fog.

After several weeks of leaving the Marigolds (aka Calendula) I pulled them off the edges of the paths today. I left them up until now because they were always covered with honey bees. And I figure it’s always good to help the bees in any way you can, even if it’s just leaving some flowers so that they have a few more weeks of food. I’m not sure if there is a bees nest on Race Rocks (I haven’t found one) or if they fly over from Bentick Island or another area on Vancouver Island.

-Washed solar panels
-Cleared paths of Marigolds
-Washed North side of keepers house (walls and soffits)