fog rolled in this morning

Saturday, July 20, 2002 Good Evening

TEMPERATURE: Max. 14.1 C  Min. 10.2 C  Reset 12.3 C
MARINE LIFE: The fog rolled in this morning and really didn’t disperse until after 17:00 when the afternoon westerly got the air moving, so mostly only able to hear what was going on around us.There were no eagles today, the birds were fairly quiet. The chatter on the VHF radio alerted us to the Orca passing by again but they were traveling outside the reserve and because of the fog didn’t even see any of the whale watching boats- did hear a few – there were a few times that the fog lifted a bit, counted 5 Ecotour boats and later in the day there were 2 pleasure craft through the reserve.The past few nights the moon has been especially beautiful, because it is so low in the sky this time of year it looks unusually large.It is also very orange, I wonder if the smoke from all the forrest fires has anything to do with the colouring.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Clear  Vis 8 Miles Wind West 13 Knots  Sea Rippled
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