Fishing illegally

At 0840hrs PDT a floatplane flew low from W to E over the south side of the Reserve.

At 0930hrs PDT a OBMG rental boat was spotted maneuvering carelessly near the SW side of Great Race.

At 1000hrs PDT the United States Coast Guard Cutter Swordfish entered the E side of the Reserve and approached Great Race. A launch boat with three persons on board was deployed and began to maneuver carelessly and at excessive speed along the E and SE side of Great Race and over Rosedale Reef. VHF contact with the captain of the USCG Cutter Swordfish was made and the vessel left shortly thereafter.

At 1030hrs PDT a recreational vessel was spotted fishing near North Race. The license number 13K115028 was recorded and reported to DFO. The station vessel was launched and the violators were spoken to.

At ~1400hrs PDT a vessel was observed speeding through the channel between North Race and Middle Rock.

In the late afternoon a vessel drifted in and out of the Reserve on the current while fishing. The incident was reported to DFO.

adamjuly162011Pam Birley took this photo on remote control camera 1 of Adam and an assistant pouring concrete to reinforce the base for the boat rail while the tide was out.