Fishing gulls everywhere


Very calm days almost the whole week:with a flat sea ,mild wind ,sky with sun and some clouds. The temperature dropped to 13 celsius in the morning and definitively Fall is coming with the first rains. To 5:45 AM it’s pretty dark so now we do the contact with Pedder Bay around 6:00AM.


We sent the end of the month report to Kyle and like usual the sea waters datas recorded in August. On Friday the electrician came back: he changed a box between the Solar panels and the batteries and calibrated the inverters. We had to struggle a little bit in the evening to get the phone and internet back.We got some new fire pump hoses. Also we took some samples of our soft water and it has been sent to a lab to be sure everything is fine.


More and more Seal lions to welcome us on the jetty when we are back to the rocks.They are really everywhere and managed to destroy the line closed to the students house for the first time. The most interesting fact at this end of the week is the large number of Seagulls in our waters all busy fishing. North Rock is all white and we actually had a count of 1265 birds on the 1st it is even more crowded on the 3rd.