fishers reporting a lot of bait fish

Tuesday, June 25, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 19.1 C  Min. 9.1 C  Reset 14.9 C
THE DAY: Cloudy till 9:45 then Part Cloudy  Vis 15 Miles  Wind Light All Day  Sea Rippled  In all a great Day
MARINE LIFE: Mature bald eagle made one flight just after 6 this morning but was driven out by the gulls and all was quiet until a juvenile eagle arrived approx. 16:00. The gulls were quickly in the air and the young eagle gave up rather easily and headed off towards Bentinck Island.Just at suset a lone adult bald eagle flew low over the water by West Race but the gulls spotted the big bird and headed it off before reaching Gr. Race. It really is amazing how the gulls work together to chase pedators away. One of the large Elephant Seals spent several hours floating with his head just above the water near the east tip of Middle Rock.In the late afternoon there was a fair size fish ball near the kelp bed south of Gr. Race, the birds had a good feed.The sports fishers talking on the VHF radios are reporting a lot of bait fish so hope it’s a good supply for the nesters and their young this year.
HUMAN INTERACTION: There were 9 ecotour boats and 3 pleasure craft through the reserve.The Hyaku was in this morning with Garry, Angus and guest to film the boats in the Victoria to Maui race, unfortunately no wind and in fact it was about 16:00 before the first boat reached Race Passage! The Hyaku did a couple of tours in the reserve this afternoon but did not come ashore.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Cloudy  Vis. 15 Miles  Wind North East 5 Knots  Sea Rippled
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