first student trip of the school year

A group of 11 students and a teacher visited Race Rocks today for the IB Biology class. They had hoped to do some food web observations in tide pools, but with the tides today and the swell that’s been running it wasn’t possible. Instead, they spent some time observing sea lion behavior and getting their first impressions of the ecological reserve.

With the high tide and swell the sea lions have set up camp in front of the science house on the South-West side of the island.

1110 Coast Guard helicopter flew over East to West

Tour boats: 8

There’s a great swell running, smashing into West and North Rocks throwing huge spray into the air


PC Students observing sea lion behavior


PC Students taking in it all in

-Fixed electric fences that were damaged over night by sea lions
-Cleaned solar panels
-Swept walkways
-Erik helped get the boat shed doors up. Waiting on hardware to finish.