First Glaucous-winged-gull chicks hatch


We have mainly low winds except on the Monday 26th where we got to 40knots from West otherwise it has been between 5knots to 15knots


I spotted the 2 first gull chicks and they were  4/5days old …there are for sure more than 2 and the adults gulls are getting aggressive. I saw a river otter and 2 young ones under the crane like usual.7 Elephant seals are steady on the rocks( moulting time). No Sea lions at all.The eagles get motivated and 2 attacked at the same time!


I could count 80 fishing boats but not closed, ecotourism vessels full as usual.


Usual chores ..the solar panels got pretty dirty and needs attention. I transferred the last 240 liter of oil in the main house tank