Feb 26, derrick, Yellow tag 5086

Wind E 10 increasing to 20 N. Cloudy, rain in evening. DND blasting continued.

Courtney came out in the morning and brought Kim.  We worked most of the day on setting up the rest of the scaffolding, fixing the derrick cable, and taking down the scaffolding.  Had the new wire rope installed and working by afternoon.  Worked on fire wood and replaced (new) leaky pvc valve in desal with a brass one.

I was finally able to get a clear view of the female elephant seals yellow flipper tag, # 5086. Yellow tags indicate that this elephant seal comes from San Miguel Island or Santa Rosa Island.  We have had several previous sightings of an eseal with a 5086 tag, including this sighting by Julie http://www.racerocks.ca/2012/07/07/new-and-old-faces/ but they were always green tags and this one is clearly yellow.  At some point the pup’s body got flipped over and it is now possible to determine that it is male.