Feb 19-20

Feb 19: Cloudy, periods of rain, wind West 10-15 knots. Went off island at first light to attend a conference. Came back before dark. Worked on cam 5: extended and sealed conduit pipe to fit new utility box, sealed utility box to pedestal, re-wired and mounted power connection in box.


Moon, Mars, Venus, Feb 20.

Feb 20: Partly sunny, wind W 10-20 knots.  Went off island in afternoon to pick up and bring back two guests to stay overnight. Brought in recycling and discarded old cam 5 utility box.

After dark I could hear a female elephant seal nearby on great race, I found her she up past the boat house next to, and partly on top of, the goose exclusion inclosure. She was making vocalizations and seemed uncomfortable, moving around quite a bit.  She was very big and round, I wondered if she might be pregnant even though it is later than pups have typically been born here in recent years.  The moon was visible close to Mars and Venus, it was too windy to get a sharp long exposure with the telephoto.