Feb 15, orcas and traffic


family of four orcas off the south side of Race Rocks

Sunny, wind NE 10-20 becoming 5-10 E.  4 orcas passed by in the morning heading east.

orca and geaorge feb 15

Orcas beyond south island with halibut sports fishing boats and the Captain George, a 229mx 32m bulk carrier heading to Itaquai Brazil, in the background

There were several boats in the reserve again today, at least 10 whale watching boats and one dive boat, and at least 5 halibut fishing boats around the perimeter of the reserve in the morning. I raised a new Canadian flag on the flag pole for the anniversary of the flag. Worked on firewood cutting and organizing firewood storage.  The composting toilet in the assistant’s house still has liquid in the bottom though it is decreasing.  I can notice a relative draw on the battery bank while running the unit with it’s electric heating element and vent fan.