Family Myctophidae: Lantern Fish–The Race Rocks Taxonomy


Lanternfish Photo by Anne Stewart

Anne found this specimen washed up in the intertidal In April, 2016.

Its not surprizing that we don’t have a name for it as can be noted in this quote from the website ” Sea and Sky presents The Sea”,

“There are over two hundred different species of lanternfishes in the deep sea. In fact, they are thought to be some the most common deep ocean creatures. Sampling by deep sea trawling indicates that lanternfish make up as much as 65% of the deep sea biomass. They are among the most most widely distributed and diverse of all vertebrate species and it is believed that they play an important role as prey for larger organisms.”

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Superclass*: Osteichthyes
Class: Actinopterygii
Subclasses: Neopterygii
Order: Myctophiformes
Family: Myctophidae (T. N. Gill, 1893)
Genus: ?
Species: ?

Other Members of the Class Actinopterygii at Race Rocks.

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Anne Stewart, Ecoguardian, April 2016