Epizoanthus scotinus : zooanthid anemone–


Epizoanthus scotinus photo by Ryan Murphy


The Epizoanthus is an anemone of the phylum Cnidaria. The class Anthozoa, into which it falls, has the literal meaning of flower animals, hence the Epizoanthus scotinus is a flower animal. Most Anthozoa belong to the subclass zoantharia with about 1000 species of sea anemones and 2500 species of stony corals that have been identified. Typical of the subclass zoantharia, Epizoanthus scotinus is colonial. The bases of the polyps in each group are connected having a column with sand or other foreign material embedded in it. The anemone are abundant along sea coasts but zoantharia occur in deep water as well. At Race Rocks, we typically find this species in darkened protected spaces, such as along the base of a vertical rock or under a protecting overhang. They are not very common but when they do occur, they will occupy up to 900 square centimeters. They also occur in very shallow water at Weir Point in Pedder Bay

 This short video taken by the divers shows a close up view, showing the density of the colony. They are a rather primitive looking, small anemone,.


Domain Eukarya
Kingdom Animalae
Phylum Cnidaria
Class Anthozoa
Subclass Zoantharia
Order Zoanthinaria
Genus Epizoanthus
Species scotinus
Common Name Zooanthid anemone

A large colony of Epizoanthus scotinus on a boulder. Photo by Ryan Murphy

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