The Integrated Energy Project: Solar Energy at Race Rocks

Solar Charge Controllers Solar Charge Controllers Solar energy investigation
Feb 23/2007: The electrical wiring of the Solar panels is completed and tied into the power grid.The devices in the pictures are Charge Controllers. The three white panels feed into the Xantrex hybrid inverters . The fourth feeds directly in the battery bank to charge them directly from the panels. Feb 24. A draft copy of Solar Investigations is put up on the website.
solar cells installed solar panels solar panel base
Jan 25/2007: view from tower of solar panels installed on the energy building. Solar panels on the South side of the energy building. Jan 25. Completing the 38 panel array. Base for solar panels constructed by Mike in December 2006.
solar panel installation mounting solar panels PV Cells
Jan 25/2007 The solar panels are laid and fastened to the frames bolted to the roof. The panels will lie almost horizontally in order to maximize exposure to sunlight from east to west. Electrical leads from the completed array which will take the wires in through the roof to the Xantrex conditioning equipment.
transferof PV Cells mike on winch hoisting panels
Jan 23/2007: Solar panels are transferred from the vessel Second nature Mike runs the winch as usual Stacking on the deck for transfer across the island.
mounting bolts for solar panels mounting bolts for solar panels mounting bolts for solar panels
Jan 17/2007 workmen from Carmanah secure bolts in the roof Holes are drilled in the concrete and the bolts are cemented in with a strong adhesive.
painting engineroom roof painting engineroom roof painting engineroom roof
In 2006, we received a grant from the Ministry of Mines and Energy for the installation of Solar panels to add to our integrated energy system. Preparation of the roofs of the Energy Centre building for the installation of the panels started in May 2006. The Energy Centre, with its roof prepared for the bank of solar panels.
Adding the solar panels in this location will not involve any increase of the human footprint on the island . The system will contribute at least 6.5 Kilowatts to assist in leveling the charging capacity Photos by Chris Garry and Mike.

Conceptual Diagram of Solar Array

A schematic Diagram of the Installation of the PV Panels on the Energy Building at Race Rocks

The Solar Panels were currently installed on the roof and south side of the energy building. This PDF shows more of the details of installation and mounting..
Solar Radiation Levels
Solar Graph from our weather station forThis week at
Race Rocks
Sunlight as an Abiotic Factor at Race Rocks is located in this file, the live data on solar energy level at Race Rocks, and the implications for organisms living in the area are demonstrated.
The Operations manager for Race Rocks supervising this phase of the project: Chris Blondeau

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