Elephant seals

Light variable North wind most of the day, blowing strong West this evening. Clouds and intermittent rain all day. Force 1 in the am, Force 5 this evening. The barometer levelled out just above 1000 hPa around 1800. The forecast is for strong West, diminishing to slightly-less strong SW overnight.

4 tour boats
3 halibut boats on the edge of the reserve

I’m used to seeing the little zodiacs out for the marine tours, but there are a couple tour boats that are really really big. I usually catch them out of the corner of my eye and have to do a double take. It’s a bit like suddenly seeing a small house sitting off the island where it is normally just empty water. It’s crazy that a boat that big will casually pass past the end of the jetty, through a narrow channel that is ripping with the fastest currents on Southern Vancouver Island.

The males Elephant seals are more active and aggressive and have lots of little sparing battles throughout the day. The females might growl, but otherwise they are pretty chill. There doesn’t seem to be any patterns in groups in terms of sex, with the males and females spread out pretty evenly. Although the larger males tend to spend more time away from the group. There are still 2 small juveniles (nicknamed Jellybean and Peanut since they are so darn round and cute). One of the young adult males spent some time ‘chasing’ me while I scoped out the other E-seals. He also chased some sea gulls for a while. They definitely don’t hesitate to growl at the Canada Geese or Gulls when they are too close or fly over. I’ve been keeping my eye out for any E-seal flipper tags, but haven’t seen any in a while. Lots of Pigeon Guillemots today.

Most of my day was spent working the Inverter over-heating issue. Inverter 3 is misbehaving, and overheating when the generator is on. I’ve confirmed that the battery bank is happy and healthy, so the issue is in the inverters or controllers. The generator kept shutting down this evening from ‘overspeed’. Fiddling with the recently replaced voltage controller fixed it. It definitely pays to help/watch the technicians work when they’re out here.

-Spent some time trying to fix the hedge trimmer, no luck, so it’s heading to campus for servicing
-Put together some information for the wind turbine project