Elephant seals

Monday, March 11, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 9.3C  Min. 6.3C  Reset 6.3C  Rain 29.4mm
MARINE LIFE: 4 Bald Eagles – 1 immature; 1 pair of Geese today. We now have 4 Elephant Seals on Gr. Race, two bulls, 1 fair sized female and the small juvenile from the ‘incident’ yesterday. The 2 bulls and the juvenile are stretched out on the grass between the winch house and our front porch.The juvenile seems non the worse for violent encounter yesterday but has stayed close to the house. In the 13 years that we have been here we have often had elephant seals haul out on the boat ramp and even as far as the grass around the houses but they were always the smaller juveniles up to 2 metres.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 5:59 PM
Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Overcast  Vis. 1 Miles  Rain  Wind South 10 Knots  Sea 1 Foot Chop
posted by Carol or Mike S at 7:22 AM