Elephant seals

Thursday, February 28, 2002
 Good evening
Weather: Clear and sunny>> >> Vis 15 miles>> >>Wind N to NE 5-10 knots all day>> >> Sea rippled
MARINE LIFE: Quiet on all fronts. 4 Canada geese spent the day on the island. 2 mature Bald Eagles near the helipad this morning and 1 immature this afternoon. Spotted 4 adult male Elephant Seals hauled out on Middle Rock. No sign of the wounded young male we saw over the past few days.
HUMAN INTERACTION: Garry came by with the divers and the mother of a student visiting the college. Haven’t been diving since Monday; today would have been a good day to get wet. Zodiac from Victoria Coast Guard Auxillary came through around dinner time. The two Zodiacs from Victoria Police and Fisheries grazed the boundaries of the reserve on their way back to Victoria at sunset; which was a colorful event again tonight.
posted by Chris Blondeau at 11:44 PM