Elephant seal tag: green 7688

Clear skies.  Light Easterly wind all day. Beaufort Force 2-3
A beautiful day in the Reserve, but the barometer is falling and there is a front forecasted for tomorrow.
[I’m trying to learn the Beaufort wind scale off the top of my head, and get into the habit of checking the barometric tendency so that will be part of my weather log from now on]

I was sitting on the South edge of Great Race when an Elephant seal popped up to look at me and had what appeared to be a radio transmitter on its back. It promptly disappeared, but came up the boat ramp an hour later. I’m keen to find out if the researchers retrieved the transmitter and have the track of this seal. I am really curious about where these Northern-living Northern Elephant seals go when they are not in the reserve.

Today was the first day I saw Eagles actively pursuing Gulls. Last night around dusk Eagle fly-overs cleared the Gulls off the group probably 7 or 8 times. They make so much noise when they all take off and squawk. The ones that lift and land on the roof are especially loud as they bang down the slope and take off near the edge of the roof. When a Gull sits on the top of the chimney it sounds like there is one in the living room when you open the door of the wood stove.

There are lots of Ctenophores (comb jellies) in the water off the jetty at high tide. There are 3 California Sea lions on the end of the jetty, reminding me just how loud it gets here in Fall. The harbour seals have been doing a lot of tail slapping.

-Continued my hunt for GIS data
-took clutter and mystery food out of the Science house
-Started cleaning out Science house basement
-Worked on SOPs, mostly battery monitoring and maintenance
-Tidied cable on boat winch cable drum