Elephant seal soap-opera contd.

Misery is hauled up between the path and the desalinator bunker, a change from the grassy area west of the boathouse. He is now almost finished his moult and seems to be much more docile these days. He was observed vocalizing loudly this afternoon (perhaps at a seagull that decided to stare him down on the path). The young female #4252 (soon to be named) has been observed hauled up on the island lately (didn’t see her today). She’s been making almost daily trips to the water from the grassy area near the boathouse (compared to Misery who decides to haul his girth down to the water only when the temperature becomes unbearable for his copious amounts of body mass). #4252 seems much more nervous than other elephant seals, perhaps because she is younger and is not as acquainted with our human presence on the island as compared to the other Mirounga. I have not seen Bertha around for a number of days now, and I’ve not seen Slash since my return to the island two weeks ago.