Elephant seal pup born on Middle Rocks

Rain, wind N 10-15 NMPH

Chunk started going after Bertha around noon and was definitely trying to mate but without any luck.  He also seemed interested in something towards the West and was sniffing the air and poking his head up.  When i went outside to check on things I could hear the distinct sound of an elephant seal pup calling its mother.  Chunk and I both went over to the west side of the island to get a better look.  I could see two females on the rock and several eagles and seagulls around hoping to get some leftovers from the birth.  I could just make our the dark head of a pup poking up occasionally from behind a rock.  Chunk left the island and by dusk I could see him on Middle rock near the mother and pup.  Bertha is back by the science centre getting some peace and rest.