Elephant seal (probably Slash) comes to Race Rocks

Friday, January 25, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 6.9C Min. 1.9C  Reset 3.8C Rain 25.8 mm
MARINE LIFE: This morning we had a special visitor hauled out just below the boat house and although he did not stay long enough to get a video camera organized we hope the 35m photos turn out ok. The adult male Northern Elephant seals seen lately atop middle rock look quite big from a distance but up close it’s amazing! In the early morning before daylight we heard an elephant seal vocalizing and it sounded very close by,turns out he was very close! Over the 12 years we have been here quite a few juvenile elephant seals have hauled out along the boat ramp, some have even made their way half way across the island but never before has one this size come ashore. This fellow has a very dark brown coat and estimate his length 13-15 feet and weighing at least 3000lbs. Although he was not afraid of us he was very wary and gave us a few ‘bellows’ as we inched towards the tank room to get the video camera-unfortunately he decided to amble down the ramp and back out to sea, it was great to see him so close.There were 11 (8 mature) Bald Eagles today but they left the area when a weather system roared in from the west about 2:30. The horizontal hail only lasted 30 minutes and the wind let up in about an hour but the great birds did not return.There was no blasting as had been scheduled.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Cloudy  Vis.15 Miles  Wind West 30 G Knots Sea 5 Foot Moderate – Low South West Swell
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