Elephant seal encounters

The elephant seals have had some funny encounters with some of the other animals on the island. There have been some close calls between the seals and the gulls, though I’m not sure on whose part.






On their way to and from the water each day, the seals cross over bird nesting areas (which are hard to avoid on the island). Recently they have been visiting the water more often so this is becoming a larger problem for the gulls who frantically call in defence of their young. I must say they put up a good fight. The above shots show two gulls who, while attacking Misery, dare to land on his back to distract him and deter his path. It made for quite the stand off.

Chunk with Sea Lion

The elephant seals have also been interacting with the sea lions more, who have been hanging around the jetty more frequently. Unlike the gulls, the sea lions (both Stellar and California) happily share the space. Yesterday when docking the boat there was a sea lion on the boat ramp amidst 4-5 elephant seals in the water and on the ramp. However, if confronted the sea lion knows who the alpha male is and makes for a quick depart, as this one (pictured right) did just after the photo was taken.