Elephant seal activity

Friday, February 08, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 8.3C Min. 5.0C  Reset 6.7C  Rain 3.6 mm
MARINE LIFE: 11 mature , 6 immature Bald Eagles today. 3 Canada Geese flew in from the direction of Bentinck Island just after noon and spent the afternoon in the area in front of the Learning Centre. 1 juvenile Northern Elephant seal hauled out in the east bay early a.m.A large bull Elephant seal spent most of the afternoon floating along the south shore of Gr. Race and think it must be the one that is now in the water just east of the boat dock vocalizing but it is too dark to see.We hear them just about every night when the wind is not blowing over 20 knts.I don’t know if they answer to each others calls but will hear one call close by and seconds later hear another call that is farther away, coincidence or communication?
HUMAN INTERACTION: 1 small pleasure craft through the reserve.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Cloudy  Vis. 15 Miles  Wind West 11 Know — Sea Rippled
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