The Tidepool File

“If you look into a tidepool and comprehend what you see, you are observing the universe”
N.J. Berril, 1951 (one of the fathers of marine biology in Canada).

Since 1980,  biology and marine science classes from Pearson College have been been able to use the tidepools at Race Rocks as ideal locations for research on abiotic (physical)  and biotic factors.

artificial Tide Pool
 Index of the Tidepools at Race Rocks An Explanation of Measurement of Surface area of the Pools The Artificial Tidepool on the West Side of Great Race Rocks Link to a lab on Primary Productivity using this Algae. Also see microscopic pictures of these algae.

Photos were taken of some of the lab exercises on tidepools .

Env Systems Env Systems
Photo File of Environmental Systems Class: APRIL ’97 Tidepool Work of Environmental Systems Class- APRIL ’99 Student write-up of a lab done on the tidepools of the West side of Great Race Rocks 

Two extended essays using the tidepools have been done at Race Rocks

 Polymorphism in the
Snails of Pool # 4,
Extended essay in
Environmental Systems,
A Laboratory Study on Tidepool Protists from Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. A video of class discussion about Abiotic and Biotic factors in Tidepools.