Pam Birley’s Images of Race Rocks 2004-2013

newportOn this page are links to the monthly and now yearly photo diaries taken by Pam Birley of Leicestershire England These albums are due to her almost daily commitment since 2004. She has produced a valuable record of events with her unique screen captures from Camera 5 , Camera 1 and the underwater Camera 2.

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Province article Pam Birley of Leicester England was interviewed by the Province newspaper
about her wildlife viewing on
ref: Anderson, Charlie, “Live Wildlife for your Living Room ,
The Province, Vancouver, B.C. ( Sunday, Nov.21, 2004
“Long Distance Monitoring, the effective Citizen Science of Pam Birley” has been has been published on page 10 of the December 2010 Issue of the Friends of Ecological Reserves log.

Recent Posts

Film Crew Island Visit


  • Visibility: 15 miles
  • Wind: 5-10 knots West in the morning
  • Around 15:30 the wind picked up to 25+ knots West. 18:00 peak at 42 knots.
  • Sky: overcast, then some blue sky, then some rain
  • Water: no visible wave crests, but lots of surge


  • One of the larger male e-seals returned in the morning.
  • The weaner is still around.
  • Lots of bald eagles in the reserve.


  • Kyle and I took a look at the diesel hand pump and the desalinator.


  • Kyle came out in Second Nature with the 2 person film crew to take some footage.
  • Several eco-tours came by later on.
  • A few boats out fishing halibut just beyond the reserve.


  • Kyle and the film crew were on the island for about 2 hours.


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