Pam Birley’s Images of Race Rocks 2004-2013

newportOn this page are links to the monthly and now yearly photo diaries taken by Pam Birley of Leicestershire England These albums are due to her almost daily commitment since 2004. She has produced a valuable record of events with her unique screen captures from Camera 5 , Camera 1 and the underwater Camera 2.

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Province article Pam Birley of Leicester England was interviewed by the Province newspaper
about her wildlife viewing on
ref: Anderson, Charlie, “Live Wildlife for your Living Room ,
The Province, Vancouver, B.C. ( Sunday, Nov.21, 2004
“Long Distance Monitoring, the effective Citizen Science of Pam Birley” has been has been published on page 10 of the December 2010 Issue of the Friends of Ecological Reserves log.

Recent Posts

Foggy week and dead gull chicks


These first days of August were pretty foggy:Everyday the fog was around Race Rocks from 3:00 AM to 9-10 AM and for the 2 last days it was all day long. One day was warm but the others not so much because of the wind. On the 6th the fog around the rock  was just like a thick wall…


No more Elephant Seals and slowly the Sea lions are coming back .We saw the first one on the jetty and 2 big stellers on middle were pretty noisy like usual.The 3 last days many dead gull chicks around and gulls are really aggressive (they attack you)…I saw an amazing show:2 eagles and 4 vultures hunting the chicks together (the 2 eagles going to a dive and the vultures staying at the same level in the air). Many pigeons guillemots . 2 beautiful and big cormorants spend a full day on the same rock. and 2 times we had orcas in Race Passage around 11:00 AM followed by so many boats!The second time some were almost on them (10 to 30 meters) …disgusting!


The sea water pump has been repaired and is working well now. Cleaning days before the shift.


Shift over done on the  6th in the afternoon. James got a full tour of the rock and has been introduced.



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