Ecotourism census

A calm day so the whale watching boats are here. They all respected the guidelines for observation. It is important to emphasize the need to drive boats cautiously as baby seals in the water are vulnerable. See our file on ecotourism: I may have missed one or two boats but most are recorded below along with their numbers:

0950 West Coast Orca Spirit: 10 passengers

1045 Real Pacific Adventures: 8

Sooke Coastal Explorations: 3

Prince of Whales : 12

Cetacean : 6– (no lifejackets worn)

Sooke Costal Expeditions: 12; 12

Prince of Whales : 12

Springtide : 8

Orca Spirit: 6

Orca—  —- 6

Great Pacific Adventures( King Salmon) : 26

S—- King? (Fibreglass) 6

Eagle wing tours: 26

Prince of Whales: 26\

Approximate total ecotourists in the reserve today: 180

Total funding they contributed towards ensuring the sustainability of the resource at Race Rocks:  $0.00 Garry , 22:12:04