Ecotour boats out

Saturday, March 02, 2002
Good Evening
WEATHER: Bright and sunny a great day to be on the rock. wind northeast 13 – 21 knots then by noon just a light breeze Sea 2 – 3 foot chop. and like the wind was rippled by noon.
TEMPERATURE: Max. 8.2C  Min. 3.0C  Reset 7.5C No Rain
MARINE LIFE: 3 Bald Eagles – 1 mature
HUMAN INTERACTION: 9:10 Juan de Fuca Warrior with divers off West Race. 10:20 2 eco tour boats from Gr. Pacific Adventures. 11:20 2 ecotour boats; 14:00 ecotour boat Discovery Launch through M.P.A.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 10:02 PM