Ecological Equivalents Galapagos Islands vs. Race Rocks

BACKGROUND: As you encounter different ecosystems representing a wide range of ecological niches in different parts of the world, you will begin to notice that there are many examples of organisms which may not even be related which play the same role in the ecosystems of widely separated geographic areas. I came across several examples which may be considered “ecological equivalents” while spending a week aboard the vessel “Samba” in the Galapagos Islands in June 2003. Although separated by 47 degrees of latitude and thousands of miles, surprisingly there are several examples of ecological equivalents on the island archipelagos of Race Rocks and the Galapagos. Islands.

DEFINITION.…Ecological equivalents : species that use similar niches in different habitats or locations are called ecological equivalents .The evolution of life has resulted in general types of habitats and certain successful ways of exploiting the resources in those habitats. Parallel evolution has resulted in unrelated species that have similar niches in different environments.