Ebb and Flow

We have had, and will be hosting, many students this week. Laura has been doing her marine biology review classes with the students. It is great to have company!

Though we don’t get a lot of flotsam and jetsam here, on occasion something unusual washes in. A few days ago I found a tupperware container in the intertidal zone. Much to my surprise, upon opening it I found a dead tiger-striped hamster in a ziplock bag. I can only assume a grieving child gave their beloved pet a burial at sea. I intended to give the wee creature a proper burial to add to the island’s biomass, but I left it alone for a few minutes outside and a raven flew off with the little morsel. The circle of life continues…

I will have the students do a thorough animal census this weekend. Meanwhile I have started painting the kitchen and planting a small garden.