(eagle) eating the catch of the day (salmon).

Saturday, April 20, 2002
Good evening from Chris and Jane.
We arrived this morning at 11:45 am and took over for Mike and Carol today. As we approached Race Rocks, we both commented on the flag being at half mast. Even on this small island, as on parliament hill and across the country, the symbol of loss was displayed for the four soldiers and their families. Our thoughts were with them.WEATHER: Winds were at 10-15 knots, seas were rippled. Visibility was 10 miles. Clear skies.

MARINE LIFE: 3 bald eagles, two jeuveniles were seen on the south tip of Great Race. One adult on the cliff by the helipad. An adult was seen later in the day at the southern tip of great race, eating the catch of the day (salmon). Three Canada Geese were seen… two were a pair and located on the north eastern area of the island. The other was near the lighthouse. Some of the seagulls are starting to practice and display nesting behaviours. It looks like pairs are starting to form and courtship rituals are taking place. Two pairs of oyster catchers were seen. One on the north eastern side of the island and the other on the docks.

HUMAN INTERACTION: Six boats were fishing off of Rosedale Reef this morning. These were later seen further to the west of Rosedale Reef in the afternoon. They were checked on by a vessel from Fisheries and Oceans early in the afternoon. In the midafternoon, we observed one disabled vessel being towed back to Pedder Bay. One ecotour boat visited the area today and a few fishing vessels stopped on their way in and out to have a visit with the sea lions.

We are going to be returning back to Pearson College Campus at 20:00 hr after another great day on the rock!
Until next time,
Chris and Jane
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Cloudy »» Vis. 15 Miles »» Wind 13 South West »» Sea 1 – 2 Foot Chop
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