dump your kids on the island?

At around 1200hrs a vessel (license #25K5588) with 7 persons on board entered the Reserve and began to fish on the south side of North Race, within the limits of the RCA. The vessel was reported to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Violation Reporting Hotline. Shortly after, the vessel stopped fishing and motored towards Great Race at high speed. The vessel then slowed and approached the rocks near the sea lion haulout on the NE corner of Great Race. At this point, the Eco-Guardian had left the house and headed down to get a closer look. By the time the Eco-Guardian reached the rocks, the vessel had made contact with the rocks and deposited three young children (6-10 yrs, all female) on the rocks. The boat was floating offshore at approximately 10-15 feet from the rocks, with two adult males and an adult female holding a young child. Asked of their intentions, the folks on board said they were just letting the children play around in the intertidal. The Eco-Guardian then informed them both of the no-fishing rule at Race Rocks and that they weren’t allowed to land their boat on the rocks and walk around. The gentlemen said they were from Alberta and had no idea that these rules were in place and that they would depart immediately. The girls were plucked off the rocks and the boat departed the Reserve.

At around 1330hrs an aluminum runabout (no license number obtained) proceeded at very high speed through the main channel between Great Race and Middle Race in the direction west to east. There were 0 visitors to the island today.