DND Blasting

TEMPERATURE: Max. 13.7 ºC »» Min. 10.1 ºC »» Reset 10.3 ºC »» Rain 0.2 mm.-2002-10-07′, ’23:42:00′, ‘First day since the sealions have returned this fall that the DND has conducted Demolition exercises at Bentinck island video archive at http://www.racerocks.com/racerock/archives/viddndblast.htm‘,

MARINE LIFE: With the blasting on Bentinck the sea lions were unsettled, ‘barking and growling’ well into the afternoon. At each blast the birds all took flight but returned fairly quickly. There is a juvenile Heermann’s gull with a broken wing, one California S.L. with a 16 cm scar near the right shoulder which looks fairly well healed. A Blue Heron spent some time sitting in the various kelp beds around Gr. Race, it was most likely here for the fish,as there is still a good supply of feed judging by the numbers of gulls and cormorants feeding. The seals and sea lions are catching some good sized salmon as well.

HUMAN INTERACTION: The LGL monitoring crew docked first thing in the morning, Garry over in Hyaku for most of the afternoon filming. There were 7 Pleasurecraft and 6 Ecotour boats through the reserve today.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:07 PM