DFO Vision and Objectives for a MPA Strategy

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Vision and Objectives for a MPA Strategy

The MPA Vision:
Generations from now Canada will be one of the world’s coastal nations that have turned the tide on the decline of its marine environments.  Canada and British Columbia will have put in place a comprehensive strategy for managing the Pacific coast to ensure a healthy marine environment and healthy economic future.  A fundamental component of this strategy will be the creation of a system of marine protected areas on the Pacific coast of Canada by 2010.  This system will provide for a healthy and productive marine environment while embracing recreational values and areas of rich cultural heritage. Objectives for Establishing Marine Protected Areas:

  • To contribute to the Protection of Marine Biodiversity, Representative Ecosystems and Special Natural Features
  • To contribute to the Protection of Cultural Heritage Resources and Encourage Understanding and Appreciation
  • To provide Opportunities for Recreation and Tourism
  • To provide Scientific Research Opportunities and Support the Sharing of Traditional Knowledge Contact Fisheries and Oceans Important Notices and Disclaimers
  • Updated: 2006-05-25

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