Day off !

It has been 10 days without leaving this nice place so it was good to have a little break even if coming back delighted us…

No wind, no current, flat sea.

The South, South West wind brought a very iodineic smell above the usual strong smell of the island at this time of the year!

We have noticed very high tides those days and especially on that day( full high tide in the night around 11PM).

When we came back around 6PM a pleasure boat was anchored just on the other side of the jetty. I will say 30 meters. They seemed not understand why they were not allowed to do so! And soon they got some problems ( had to dive ) because their anchor got stuck in the kelp or rocks! At least that we didn’t have to explain! for the rest they were gone …before we got the camera .

Around 9PM with the coming darkness and a lovely pearl colored sky, we had (first time that happened at that time of the day) the last watching boat of the day.