D.N.D.started their blasting exercises

Thursday, March 21, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 5.1 C  Min. – 1.1 C Reset 4.9 C  Snow 2.2 cm  Total Precipitation 2.2mm
MARINE LIFE: Although the wind did not really ease off until late afternoon the temperature started to moderate by noon and 35-40 gulls soon made an appearance along with the Oyster catchers and 2 geese. A little after 15:30 a second pair of geese flew in from the direction of Bentinck Island.The only marine mammals around were small groups of Harbour Seals hauled out on the southeast rocks and middle rock, did see several small groups of sea lions swimming between West Race and North Rocks.
HUMAN INTERACTION: Today the D.N.D.started their blasting exercises at 11:36 and finished up with the last 3 blast series at 13.:14. The Harbour seals lifted their heads at the first blast,then on the second blast 5 seals hauled out on the southeast rocks and 8 on middle rock, went into the water. There were 2 ecotour boats through the M.P.A. this afternoon -would have been an invigorating trip to say the least!
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Good MorningWEATHER:Sky Overcast  Vis. 15 Miles  Wind North East 30 – 37 Knots  Sea 5 Foot Moderate } } Moderate East Swell

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