Cormorants vs eagle

ood Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 9.5 ºC »» Min. 7.8 ºC »» Reset 9.4 ºC »» Rain 6.8 mm
MARINE LIFE: Although the forecasted high winds did not materialize most of the hauled out Sealions along the north shore of Gr. Race have taken to the water or moved farther inland to avoid the high swells coming in from the weather system to the east. This afternoon one mature Bald Eagle spent about an hour on the high point of West Race. The 200 or so Cormorants took to the air as the eagle landed but soon settled back down leaving a good distance between them and the great raptor.
HUMAN INTERACTION: 5 Ecotour boats and 3 pleasurecraft through today.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Cloudy »» Vis. 15 Miles »» Wind North East 5 Knots »» Sea Rippled
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