Compost Freedom

Clear skies. Light, variable S-SW winds.
Barometer dropped a little, and the levelled out. Forecast continues for daily afternoon blow outs.

6 tour boats
3 recreational fishing boats on the edge
1 boat jigging for rockfish in the reserve off of West Rocks. I radioed them on 68 and 16, they didn’t reply, just put her in gear and left the reserve in a hurry.

All of the Canada geese have abandoned their nests, including the mean-spirited pair by the compost pile. Yeah! No more aerial assaults while taking out my food scraps. Sadly however, the timing is terrible because the Gulls are now starting to fly at me in a few places. If they would just make their nests a little further from the paths neither of us would have a problem. I spent the afternoon chopping firewood next to the crane platform. I turned the saw off after a while to get more logs and two curious elephant seals came up the walkway. The went over to and scoped out my pile of freshly cut firewood, and sniffed at the saw. Then one of them rolled around in the saw dust for a while.

-3 transects done on the West side of the island
-Firewood in the afternoon.