Clear skies. Moderate West wind. Force 4.
Barometer has been rising most of the day. String west winds are supposed to continue.

9 tour boats
3 halibut boats on the edge of the reserve

A lot of the Elephant seals have pretty much moulted, but they are still hanging out here. There are still a few seals that have just started moutling. One is the big male, one is a female that just arrived on Great Race this week, and there are two juveniles that are just starting to moult around their eyes.

This nice weather means that I don’t have to run the generator very often, mostly because I don’t have to have it on to run the desalinator. I’ve been turning it on for a hour and a half every 5-or-so days just to keep it starting nicely (when it went down for 10 days it took a few tries to get it started). I still check the voltage read-out on the battery bank first thing in the morning, and again around 1600 just to make sure everything is working a it should be.

-Transect peg scavenger hunt
-Finished mapping R. Tracyi