Clear skies

Light variable winds in the morning. Moderate West in the afternoon. Low West swell.

The Elephant seals all decided to move to the grassy area in front (West) of the Keepers house. They are all piled up pretty much right outside my front windows. Even the juvenile has come to join the party. On clear days, usually around 1300, several seals head down the boat ramp to the waters edge to cool off. They also will doze up against the jetty in the shade. This morning the seal with scabby-molt spend some time blowing bubbles and rolling in a puddle. I can understand the rolling, but I’m not sure what the purpose of 10 minutes of bubble blowing is, although it’s pretty entertaining.

The generator ran great again this evening. The inverter that was replaced/repaired on the Winter shift has been running really hot when the generator is on. I attached a thermometer to it today and will keep an eye on it.

Off station from 1100-1600 for groceries and errands.